YouTube Comments on “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” made my skin crawl. This is what women are up against.


By now most of you have probably seen the YouTube video “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.” It is a powerful video, showing what many women experience just by walking down the street in a city (or in my case, a suburb, or even sitting in my car at a traffic light).

Many women who watched the video identified in some way with the experience, but the reactions of many men who saw the video were very bad. Not only did they miss the point, their terrible comments PROVED the point of why the video is so important.

Here are some of the YouTube comments below:

KilledAssassin 48 minutes ago
Feminist propoganda in full force, fuck america!!

LordSear1982 47 minutes ago
I dont think American women get in their head how stupid they look in the eyes of most people in this world.

Valan Sultanna 1 hour ago
So let me get this straight. She’s walking around New York, getting hit on by men and she’s complaining. And if she wasn’t getting hit on by men then she would complain about that. There no winning, for a guy, with air head bitches like her.

Algalal man 1 hour ago
Ok american ladies don’t try to pretend you are part of the society and are being productive. All you are good for is for reproduction and gold-digging

BenMJay 36 minutes ago
How many 100’s of men walked by this ugly slut without saying a word? Cherry picking negative actions towards her to further her man hate agenda. Feminazi

Professor Catus 1 hour ago
Harassing? Are you people for fucking real? Most of these were just fucking basic social interactions. “How you’re doing?”, “Hello, have a nice day”, “Hey beautiful” Besides that creepy dude walking alongside I don’t see any fucking harassment. Someone said to me half of that shit, I’d be bloody flattered, give a high five or thumbs up.
I tell you these fucking feminists are just acting like bloody spoiled brats, pisses me off..

can’tBEARit o_O 38 minutes ago
your welcome. now drop dead you spoiled entitled unproductive feminist.

George Martinez 1 hour ago
I wish someone would call me beautiful. _; This is the worst you get? I’d rather infect myself with ebola and spit on every single member of your organization than donate a penny to you. Fucking suck it up and take a complement you conceded cunt.

Kevin N 1 hour ago
Nice video of a rude , conceited self centered bitch

timothy delgado 47 minutes ago
You fucking stupid bitch half of the men there were simply saying have a good day and complimenting you. Feminist whore

ThumbsUpBrah 1 hour ago
attention whore, I hope you get what you’re asking for one day.

Dragon Slayer 39 minutes ago
The fact that you are asking for donations, shows you are morally corrupt. There is nothing wrong with the content of the video. There is something wrong with the reasoning for the video to be uploaded.

AldebaranCephei 48 minutes ago
Just don’t walk with an American Eagle (….) on your leggined ass (…) You clearly want people to look at it. So basicaly, you’re seeking this harrassment. Same if you walk naked and then conplain “omg boys are so perverts they can’t stop lookin’ at me, what a hard life”

kej231 43 minutes ago
Bitch please! how about u just turn back, smile, say “thank you” it’s called being polite!

Serge Obola 1 hour ago
Maybe she’s a lesbian and the kind that hates men.

Sask Pareki 3 minutes ago
What a whore!

craig howard 8 minutes ago
She should enjoy it and be proud Cuz one day soon she’ll be old ugly and fat and no one will do this anymore.

There are MANY more comments and more being posted by the minute. Is your skin crawling yet? Mine is.

The men posting these types of responses follow the same basic assumptions:

1) Calling out to a woman in the street is a compliment to her
2) The woman being approached, spoken to, or called out to should be flattered
3) The woman should acknowledge the men approaching her or speaking to her and be polite by either smiling, engaging in conversation, or better yet, accepting their advances

Why should women constantly have to deal with this? Why can’t a woman walk down the street or sit in her car without constantly having to deal with “compliments she should acknowledge” that are directly related to her being perceived as a sexual object? 

This French video (which also went viral) is so appropriate right now and shows how the world would be if things were flipped. A little change in perspective would go a long way.


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