VIDEO: Meet the humanoid robot that can drive, manage rough terrain, climb, open doors, and rescue people


Has the era of humanoid robots arrived? Japanese robotics team SCHAFT created a humanoid robot capable of rescuing people.

Robotics technology is progressing incredibly fast and competitions like the DARPA Robotics Challenge are producing the best and the brightest in the field.

At the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Trials in December 2013, SCHAFT’s robot scored the highest on all 8 tasks: Vehicle, Terrain, Ladder, Debris, Door, Wall, Valve and Hose. They implemented a number of new innovations in the field such as liquid-cooled high-output motors, enabling the robot to generate as much strength as a human being.

Google purchased SCHAFT and added it to their growing robotics program after deleting the SCHAFT website (content) and hiding details of the technology used. After purchasing companies like Boston Dynamics with their military-oriented robots, we can only hope that Google will continue to develop SCHAFT as a rescue robot focused on saving lives.

Source: IEEE Spectrum


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