Video: Can a girl who was born a boy find happiness? Watch this video of a transgender child’s struggle to be her true self


The courageous struggle of a transgender child to be herself is inspirational and yet heartbreaking because of the hatred she has to face. In a society which has barely accepted homosexuals, the plight of transgenders is far from easy; harassment, death threats, discrimination and bullying are all unfortunately common occurrences and blind to the age of the person being targeted. Just look at the comments hateful people have written on youtube in reaction to the video.

The ignorance surrounding transgender individuals is widespread and allows for such terrible treatment and discrimination to occur.  Acceptance of difference is an excruciatingly slow process. It begins when people identify with the heart of the minority group’s struggle, become personally acquainted with someone who is suffering, and educate themselves.

The story of a child is particularly powerful because it speaks to us with a refreshing openness and honesty.
Please keep in mind that the child in the video has put her personal story on camera for the world to see, which is not an easy thing to do.
Take the time to watch, open your mind and your heart, expand your understanding, and share with others so they can learn as well.

We have a limited time on this earth. We can choose to fill it with hatred, or push ourselves to grow and expand our capacity to love.


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