Video: Bird actually sledding on the roof of a house using a plastic lid – See it to believe it


Does this video surprise you? Well it certainly surprised me.

I never expected this kind of behavior in a bird or the sophistication of its ability to independently ‘play.’

I think it exposed a bit of prejudice (and ignorance) that maybe others have as well as myself when it comes to creatures that are less mainstream; just because it isn’t furry or wag a tail doesn’t mean that it is not a beautiful creature capable of seeking and experiencing simple joys in life.

If anything, watching this video reminded me that playing is a basic need that we often neglect as we get older. There is so much pressure to ‘grow up’ that rarely do we take the time to be silly without the use of alcohol. Maybe it’s worth taking the time to remind ourselves that playing is healthy and nothing to be embarrassed about.




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