Survive on Turtle Blood for a Year or Die–What Would You do Stranded at Sea?

What would you be willing to do to survive? This is probably a trick question to ask someone reading an article on high-speed internet—we all have our limits when we’re in our comfort zones. But when we are completely lost, with no hope in sight, things tend to change rather quickly. According to Jose Alvarenga, he was lost at sea for 14 months and survived drinking turtle blood and eating birds and fish that happened upon his boat. The story is still being verified, but we’ve all heard of the Donner Party—stranger things have happened.  I’d like to say I’d take a pass on the whole blood/raw animals diet, but the human body is designed for survival; if you get hungry enough the odds are strongly in favor of your putting aside all culinary fickleness and working on your best impersonation of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

After his (alleged) hellish ordeal that took him 8,000 miles, Alvarenga pretty much resembles the average hipster at your local coffee shop, and is suffering from low blood pressure. Take a look at the story below for more info and some pictures and come to your own opinion—and start brushing up on your hunter-gatherer skills–you know, just in case.

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