Pure Magic: Experience flying through a camera strapped to the back of an eagle


When I first came across this video, I really didn’t know what to expect or how it would affect me. My first thoughts were that it was probably some sort of gimmick, but when I hit the play button, it was nothing but pure flight. We grow up pretending to fly, excited on our first airplane ride, and for the more adventurous one’s among us, skydiving or paragliding or any number of other attempts at capturing the elusive ability to just take flight and be free.  This ingenious video gave me a taste, and for a minute or so, I experienced the thrill of natural flight from the perspective of a majestic eagle.

For a little bit of background, these eagles are part of a project by Jacques Olivier Travers. He does amazing work in France with eagles. Another major part of his contribution is raising endangered species of eagles, teaching them how to fly and then releasing them back into the wild.

Nature is so often a mystery and we rarely take the opportunity to connect properly with the incredible world all around us. I am grateful to Jacques Olivier for helping bring us closer to a world that is right at our fingertips but so often overlooked or ignored.



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