Music & Me – Not just the soundtrack to my life


To say I live music is a bit of an understatement. I listen to music from the moment I get dressed to the moment I go to sleep, excluding only times when earphones are socially inappropriate (and sometimes even then.) I don’t listen to escape but music helps me focus, the constant beat and overlaying notes help me makes sense of it all.

Now this introduction is nothing new. Versions of it are posted on music blogs across the world. Music ‘enthusiasts’, for lack of a better word, are all connected by the same drive. We connect to something more. Many of my friends don’t quite appreciate what music really is. To them it is just something nice to have on in the background or something do dance to.

Music for me is an energy (no I am not trying to be all spiritual and cool ‘bro’;) when an artist is inspired you can tell, you can feel the energy is different for them than an artist who is playing the same piece but just going through the motions. We are so lucky to be living in a time of so many great artists, but unfortunately so few are able to really appreciate it.

Take for example William Fitzsimmons. He has a song that was featured on Grey’s Anatomy (who have an amazing soundtrack of indie artists) called ‘Passion Play’. This song is from his first album ‘Until We Are Ghosts.’ What is amazing about this song first and foremost is its simplicity. Take a simple chord sequence, combine it with his soothing voice and beautiful lyrics, and repeat. It has the feeling of a lullaby, but if you listen, at several points the music is slowed down and simplified during the verses and built up again in between. This makes you feel like you are listening into a private conversation, witnessing an intimate moment. This intimacy is why I love this song. There is also a moment where he loops to create a round like effect, showing the thoughts running round in his head.

I am going to stop there because I am always weary of people giving too much power to the artists meaning. I studied English literature and never believed Shakespeare meant half the things we claimed he did.

So going back to my original point. When you can tap into great music, you can be transported. Where you go us up to you and the artist (and it isn’t always good.) Music can inspire, it can heal, but it can also show you the truth that you might not want to see.

Try it next time you’re bored or stressed or can’t find the solution to a problem. Take 20 minutes, and after all what’s 20 minutes of your day, to sit and listen to 5-6 stripped down acoustic songs. They can be classical, rock covers, indie greats, whatever is your genre of choice, and I guarantee you will feel your mood changed for it.

FEATURED IMAGE: By Emi Yanez under [CC-2.0], via Flickr


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