Caught on Video: Homophobic attack at Dallas International Airport – Courageous Citizens Take Down Bully within Seconds


This video broke my heart and managed to put all the pieces back together by the end.

It’s difficult and painful to watch a man attacking another based on nothing more than even the assumption of homosexuality. Hatred blinds people to the humanity of those in front of them and slowly eats away at the soul.

Texas is a state with a strong code of honor based on “doing what’s right,” which is oftentimes twisted in the direction of hating those who are different or controlling those with different opinions.

In this video, refreshingly, the men who step in to help are “doing what’s right” from a place of caring for their neighbor. They weren’t going to let a bully get away with terrorizing someone standing right next to them, gay or not.

Intervening was a selfless act and deserving of the highest respect. One of the men who jumped in even broke his ankle in the scuffle yet didn’t hesitate to help.

At the very end of the video, the person recording the events turns to his brother, Neil Kennedy, and asks if he has any advice for the ‘troubled young man’ AKA the violent bully. The brother takes a moment to reflect and gives the following heartfelt response: “He should take a long hard look in the mirror, and find his Maker.”

There is hope.


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